Monday, November 21st, 2022

Handouts for Annual Conference 2022

Thank you to everyone who made it along to the Conference on Friday 18th November. The weather and the trains certainly made it very challenging so we are very grateful for everyone who attended and were sorry to miss those who couldn't make it along. The handouts from all of the talks are provided below. 

Trusts for Injury Payments – Protections, Disregards and Key Considerations - Pete Murrin

Taking the Pain out of Pain Disorder Cases – Amber Galbraith KC and Gavin Thornley

Regulatory / Health & Safety Update – David Adams

Lessons from Lockdown: Negotiating in a world which suddenly became more remote – Steve Laing

Vicarious Liability in Abuse Cases – Bruce Langlands

Public Inquiries: Their inquisitorial nature and the use of technology – Angela Grahame KC & Cameron Smith

Presenting, and responding to, a reclaiming motion – a one man show – Robert Milligan KC

Reclaiming Motion Handout

Clinical psychology – what can it bring to a PI claim? – Dr Alison Harper

Industrial Disease Round-up – Ian Mackay KC & Mark Nicholson

Public Inquiries: Representation of Core Participants, asking questions of witnesses and other evidential matters – Steve Love KC & Barney Ross

Stop the Clock: Prescription and Limitation – Malcolm McGregor & Elaine Smith

Stop the Clock: Prescription and Limitation – Elaine Smith Handout

How to instruct an expert to get the best from them – Dr Niall Cameron

From the mountain to Meadows: where next for scope of duty arguments? - Kay Springham KC & Kate Bennett

Fatal Accident Inquiries: in the air, on land and at sea – Barry Smith KC

Persuasive on Paper: Some Thoughts on Written Advocacy – Richard Pugh KC

Ogden 8: discussion and examples – Dr John Pollock & Richard Henderson

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