Friday, May 24th, 2024

Bruce Langlands Appointed Training and Education Director at Faculty

Bruce Langlands has been appointed as the next Director of Training and Education at the Faculty of Advocates and will take up his new post in July this year.

“It is part of the collegiate nature of Faculty that we all seek to help one another,” said Mr Langlands. “My main aim in this new role will be to build upon the existing foundations and take our programme even further so that Faculty becomes recognised internationally as a world leader in advocacy training. I am very grateful to Hugh Olsen, Gillian Ross and those before them for all of the work they have put in to get us to this position.

“When I called to the bar in 2019, I was immediately invited to become an advocacy instructor and I was delighted to be able to help others in the same way that all the instructors at Faculty had helped me during devilling. It’s simply not possible for Faculty to function and to have other aspiring advocates commence devilling without a pool of highly skilled advocacy instructors teaching the essential skills of the job.

“Having been an instructor for the past five years, I see it as a natural progression to go into my sixth year of instructing as, essentially, heading up the team of instructors that we have and driving Faculty’s training and education programme forward,” Mr Langlands added.

Bruce is looking forward to combining his work as Director with his existing practice.

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