Amber Galbraith KC

Year of Call 2005 Year of Silk 2020

"Amber is very experienced in the clinical negligence world and is very knowledgeable." "She is adept at putting vulnerable and anxious clients at ease and at making complex legal issues understandable to them. She has excellent attention to detail and very strong advocacy skills." - Chambers UK 2023

"Highly knowledgeable and excellent with clients" - Legal 500

Amber has a busy practice and her principal fields of practice include personal injury, clinical and professional negligence, fatal accident inquiries and public inquiries.

She has been instructed in a wide range of litigation for both pursuer and defender and has presented cases in the Outer House and Inner House of the Court of Session, the Sheriff Appeal Court, the All Scotland Personal Injury Court and other Sheriff Courts, the Criminal Injuries Compensation First-Tier Tribunal and the First-Tier Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber). She has been involved in litigation involving public bodies, Government Departments, Health Boards, Local Authorities and large insurance companies. She has considerable experience in large-scale litigation, including public inquiries and catastrophic injury cases.

Representative Cases

Andrew Wright v National Galleries of Scotland [2020] SAC (Civ) 6
Represented the pursuer at proof on liability in ASPIC, and thereafter in the Sheriff Appeal Court. The pursuer’s appeal was successful. The legal dispute related to the nature and extent of the duty of an occupier to those entering premises to deliver goods.

Norma Shannon FAI, Edinburgh Sheriff Court, February 2020
Represented the family of a young lady who committed suicide at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital in April 2014. The Sheriff’s determination was critical of the actions of the Health Board, and concluded that the deceased was not given the requisite level of care.

Marc Kershaw & others  v Connel Community Council [2018] CSOH 111
Represented the second defenders, at a debate relating to the legal status and responsibility of a Community Council. The first defenders were succesful in their argument.

Diane Raybould v T & N Gilmartin (Contractors) Limited. [2018] SAC (CIV) 31
Represented the pursuer at proof on liability in ASPIC, and then in the Sheriff Appeal Court. The pursuer's appeal was successful. The Sheriff had innovated a defence that had not been pled or argued, and the case involved a relatively novel argument in relation to volenti non fit injuria. Further, the Sheriff had provided inadequate reasons for decision, which was critisised by the SAC.

Jerry Taylor & others v Dailly Health Centre [2018] CSOH 91
Represented two children of a lady who died after suffering a heart attack at home in a clinical negligence proof. The action was directed against the GP who had attended her earlier in the day, and the four-day proof was restricted to liability.

A v C and B v C [2018] CSOH 65
Represented two girls who had suffered sexual abuse at the hands of the defender. She had been successful in obtaining summary decree in the case, and the proof proceeded on the question of quantum. A substantial award was made in favour of A, which is higher than any prior award for historical sexual abuse in Scotland.

Sharon Gilmour v Linea Directa Aseguradora SA Compaia Se Seguros Y Reaseguros [2017] SC EDIN 81
Represented the defenders in a proof on liability in ASPIC. The evidence and legal argument involved issues of private international law, and required complex evidence to be lead in Spanish with interpreters and video link.

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